Success Story: «Zruchna Dostavka»

CRM implementation project for the logistics company «Zruchna Dostavka»

Success Story: «Zruchna Dostavka»

«Zruchna Dostavka» LLC, a provider of logistics services mainly for participants in the remote goods purchase market, needed a solution that would make the processes of remote sale and remote purchase of goods as transparent and convenient as possible for sellers and buyers.

  • Industry: Postal and courier activities
  • Representative Offices: Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv

Customer issues

The need to solve these problems

Proposed solution: System XRM® Delivery

Proposed solution: System XRM® Delivery

XRM® Delivery provides the ability to autonomously perform logistics, warehouse and financial operations with subsequent data transfer to the system

What benefits did the customer get after implementing XRM® Delivery

Customer reviews

  • Representative of LLC "Zruchna Dostavka"

    Implemented: Constructing a solution concept for automation of TMS, WMS, CRM, loyalty, pricing tariffs, including the necessary integration and communication modules. As a result, the successful implementation of the claimed design solution.

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