Field Service

Increase the efficiency of field technicians by giving them access to back office data from mobile devices so that they can remotely receive and enter order data. Reduce operational costs by troubleshooting in advance. You get a reduction in operating expenses for field service, as well as an increase in profit, troubleshooting rate, customer satisfaction and planning efficiency.


The CRM module “Field service” allows you to create orders for work according to the applications received. The module provides technicians with access to the records of their customers directly on the road. These tools help simplify inventory management and allow technicians to add notes about service requests directly to the customer database. Innovative IoT technologies enable companies to track their devices locally, identify potential problems, or provide service recommendations before customers encounter them.

The field service module, integrated with the CRM platform, shows the service department operators detailed information that helps to appoint a responsible technician who has the necessary training and equipment to fix the problem the first time. Repair data and recommendations are added to customer records, updated throughout the organization, and are available to employees of all departments. Therefore, it doesn’t matter which employee the client will contact next time. He will have at hand all the information necessary for an ideal service.

Field Service helps plan service requests and provides field data with customer data.


Your technicians arrive at the indicated time with the necessary details, quickly fulfilling service requests. The IoT features help identify potential problems before they affect the customer and provide predictive services. Mixed reality technologies enable field technicians to contact remote experts to troubleshoot complex problems.