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Use a tech-friendly tool that is a real alternative to expensive telephony systems and works as a user-friendly graphical interface that combines all the processes of servicing your customers and communicating with them.
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Tatyana Fedorovskaya

The system allows to start communication with the client by phone, continue in the Telegram and finish by e-mail. And this is all with the full preservation of the history of communication and all the accompanying data in a single window of the operator or account manager. This interaction is called omnichannel.
Tatyana Fedorovskaya Tatyana Fedorovskaya

Mine Benefits of the XRM Contact Center

Mine Benefits of the XRM Contact Center
  • Telephony (WebRTC Softphone)

    Technology is part of the XRM® Contact Center solution.

  • Recording system

    The system contains 3 server communication channels and 1 operator’s. Entries are encrypted according to the PCI-DSS certification. All conversations are recorded and added to the event card and to operator statistics.

  • Routing

    The center of the call center contains an ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) module based on FreeSwitch technology. Provides online operator account status, load statistics, distribution methods for incoming and outgoing traffic, IVR tags and IVR groups. Possibility of the editor in the role of supervisor.

  • WFM (Workforce Management)

    Control and prediction of the load, timetable of the call center. The module includes the system of "Evaluation Sheets" for assessing the quality of the operators and the mobile application in which there is a schedule of 3 months and report.

  • Outbound call

    4 types of built-in functions: Automatic (with the ability to automatically dial and read IVR branches). Progressive (automatic dial with pre-lock). Predictive (automatic dialing and connection; the number of outgoing channels is calculated by the Erlang curves). Single Call (preview of the calling card with the subsequent auto-dialing).

What tasks does XRM Contact Center perform?

  • Provides 100% audience coverage

    All contacts will be processed quickly and competently.

  • Works on ALL channels

    By phone, in messengers, through a corporate site. Any time.

  • Increases customer satisfaction

    Thanks to consistent, personalized interactions across all channels.

  • Increases sales

    Loyal customers buy more.

  • Increases the speed of communication

    Access to an orderly history of previous calls through various channels will help increase the efficiency of communication.

  • Gives full information

    about customers, their purchases, interests. Creates a centralized location for storing all customer’s data

  • Automatically generates reports

    Heads of contact centers will be able to fairly assess the quality of work of each employee.

  • Creates a comfortable working environment for operators

    Even beginners will be able to immediately get to work in a clear and simple working interface.

  • Combines communication channels in a single window

    You do not need to switch between different tabs of instant messengers, interfaces of the site, web chat and phone window.

Roman Zaichenko, product owner XRM Contact Center

Can your Contact center do that?

Roman Zaichenko, product owner XRM Contact Center

  • Lightning encryption. We capture audio and text streams for further analysis.
  • Automatic selection. The contact center operator or the system itself can automatically assign responsible persons to respond to the request.
  • Unlimited subscribers. The possibility of carrying out outgoing campaigns to the maximum number of subscribers in the shortest possible time - from invitations to events to evacuation of the city.
  • Using the IVM system, which can independently build a dialogue with the subscriber when performing mass outgoing campaigns, as well as receiving and routing incoming calls.
  • Using an IVR system. Depending on the audience segment, we determine exactly which recorded text the client will hear when contacting the company. динамического IVR.
  • The text-to-voice feature allows you to read and speak dynamically updated information, which can be located on both internal and external resources.

How the system looks like — screenshot gallery

A convenient, intuitive and modern interface will help you use the full functionality of the system easily

  • Call's card
  • Router
  • Contact Center Monitoring
  • Selective processing of chats in the queue
  • Admin Settings
  • Chat processing
Integration capabilities

Integration capabilities

XRM Contact Center can be linked to any program or site over an API. Do not need to open a dozen applications — all data about customers, marketing, products, sales and accounts will be in one system.

If the API for applications in your company is not available — do not worry, our certified specialists will write an integration code.

XRM Contact Center is used by

  • Oschadbank

    Oschadny Bank is a large state-owned bank with a network of 6,000 branches, and the number of clients served by it is more than 20 million. The Bank has a long history, and during this time it has gone through many transformations that led to the formation of regional specifics of work and a decentralized model of customer service.

    Anton Tyutyun

    Integration with the Call center has greatly simplified the work of operators, who can now easily identify a client and offer differentiated services. In addition, the system provided the accounting of the working time of operators, the formation of the schedule of their work and control over its implementation.

  • Kyivenergo

    One of the key suppliers of heat and electricity for residents of the capital. The company effectively manages an extensive system of electrical networks, repair and construction, transport and many other technical divisions. DTEK Kyiv Electric Networks fully meets the needs of city residents for electrical energy.

    The project of automation of the contact center and customer service center (CSC) for high-quality customer service with the introduction of an analytics system, document flow and the construction of an application complex to improve the efficiency of business processes.

  • Utility Center

    The main purpose of the CCS is to open and organize the work of service centers for customer service in all matters of the provision of housing and communal services. The priority direction of development of the service includes the possibility of pre-recording by phone or via the Internet and remote customer service.

    Konstantin Lopatin, deputy director

    In this solution, we saw the potential of the platform in the development of automated customer service, which will increase the volume and quality of services provided using the optimal resource operators.

  • Generali Garant

    The insurance company Generali Garant is part of the Generali Group, which is one of the largest insurance groups in the world. The company regularly demonstrates a high rating of financial reliability of the insurer on an international scale for liabilities in national and foreign currencies.

    Igor Sharov, Executive Director for IT, Ukrainian Insurance Company "Generali Garant"

    The main effect of the implementation of a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the Generali Guarantor is an increase in speed and an improvement in the quality of service in settling insurance claims.

    By saving time and more efficient work of the operators, the throughput of our contact center has increased significantly. With the help of a CRM system, it has become much easier to track employee performance in branches. It becomes easier for employees to work because they have information, because operators work in shifts, and they are not able to remember customers and all events. CRM allows them to quickly get all the necessary information before the start of communication.

Product price

Each business has its own business processes and set specific goals for developing relationships with the target audience and customers. We do not sell a finished boxed product with functions and modules you do not need so that you don’t pay for the air.

The cost of XRM Contact Center depends on the options and modules that you want to include in the package and which your company needs to achieve current business goals. Our manager will tell you about all the details and possible configurations.

History and achievements of E-consulting development of contact centers

  • 2009

    E-Consulting development department begins development of Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration add-ons over Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Nortel, Asterisk, Lira communication platforms. Already at the end of the year we close the first projects in the company’s Generalli Garant, AVIS, Euro Assurance.

  • 2010

    Contact centers in the organizations of the Ukrainian Insurance House and in the Ukrainian representative office of Gorenia were brought to commercial operation.

  • 2011

    E-Consulting completed a large-scale project to implement a contact center based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, which allowed the creation of an organized deposit payment scheme to depositors of troubled banks Rodovid and Ukrprombank through the Estimated Bank of Ukraine. In the first 24 days of the system’s operation, 117 thousand customers were served, not counting 30 thousand depositors who took advantage of the self-service via the bank’s web portal.

  • 2012

    The project of payments to depositors of the Sberbank of the USSR, better known by the people as Vitina Thousand, was brought to life.

  • 2013

    E-Consulting becomes the winner of the I International Competition "Leader in the Implementation of Innovative Technologies and Solutions for Modern Business — 2013" in the nomination "Leader in building Contact Centers and CRM Systems for Banks". The competition was organized by the publishing house KBS-Izdat and the magazine Bankir.

  • 2014

    The company begins construction of a contact center for Kyivenergo.

  • 2015

    Is a new year, and a new major customer! This time the contract is signed with the Public Service Center, an organization that provides housing services to millions of customers. The contact center is deployed based on UCMA — the core of the communication service Lync and Skype for Business from Microsoft.

  • 2016

    E-Consulting provides the OKKO filling station network with an internal contact center, integrating IBM with the Service Desk. A system of “evaluation sheets” was built for a detailed evaluation of the work of operators and supervisors for all communication platforms. The “Nominator” module was built, which allows you to automatically and manually schedule client meetings with the required resource (cash box for payments, a manager for the service, or an element of the electronic branch of the branch).

  • 2017

    A new important element appears in the contact center of Oschadbank - a chat bot, which significantly increases the speed of customer service. Contact center ForteBank (Kazakhstan) connects Genesys and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. An industrial platform WFM Workforce Management has been developed for building shifts, schedules, forecasts and management of working time for contact center personnel, regardless of the type of communication platform.

  • 2018

    Becomes possible to use a dynamic IVR in the contact center. Due to this, the company participates in the technical organization of the festival Atlas Weekend and Eurovision in Ukraine. For the client “Oschadbank”, with which the cooperation has been going on for the 7th year, the opportunity to receive a virtual bank card via IVR, as well as receiving a PIN-code of the card has been realized. The contact center of the Kharkiv city administration was built. The beginning of the construction of a large-scale communication platform of the Electronic Court of Ukraine. An innovative approach to communications allowed the creation of a contact center, in which 200,000 participants in judicial actions are simultaneously connected into separate conferences at court hearings sites with the connection of external participants and internal cameras for video recording of protocols.

  • 2019

    IVR graphic designer and session routing are being developed. Omni-channels of connections through any social networks, instant messengers, chat rooms and corporate mobile applications with the participation of contact center operators or VIP-managers are added. Introduced AI Ready and NLP Ready technologies for building automated processing services for Voice to text and Text to Speech

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