XRM® Banking®

Comprehensive CRM solution for the banking industry and a powerful tool for building long-term relationships with customers

XRM® Banking® integrates all bank systems in a single window:

You no longer need to look for different profiles of the same customer in each of the systems separately. The speed of data acquisition increases by 3-5 times.

XRM Banking Scheme XRM Banking Scheme

What companies need
XRM® Banking®

The solution is adapted to work with individuals and legal entities — from small to large businesses — in banks, collection companies, microloan organizations

xrm banking
  • Banks
  • Collection companies
  • Microloan services

XRM® Banking® and Retail Banking

  • Single window for customer service

    A single window for all front-end operations for 13 product groups, processes, integrations.

  • Customer Overview 360°/720°

    Comprehensive review of the current state of the client and a prospective forecast of its changes based on data from analytical mechanisms (predictive).

  • Households

    Family, a group of customers united by common property and common consumption.

  • Customer segmentation

    Multisegmentation according to many features to obtain microsegments with a unique need and the ability to create a highly effective offer. Predicting the variation of segments over time.

  • Product catalog management

    Maintaining products with extended information about their properties, intersections in segments, demand, supply rejections. Calculation of the phase of the product life cycle. Link enrichment for Cross-villages and Up-cycles. Construction of grocery sets, tariff plans.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Customer journey as the axis of the client-centric system of modern banking, loyalty program, self-service system, customer portal.

  • Marketing management

    Lead generation, web marketing, email marketing, landings, marketing lists, marketing campaigns, outgoing multichannel companies, multilingualism, campaigns in mobile banking, web banking, ATMs, via WiFi in a branch, Report "Marketing sales results".

  • Retail Product Sales Management

    Automated processes for the sale of retail banking products in channels with a physical presence and virtual channels. Documents on current and predictable subsequent transactions. Sales accelerators.

  • Sales Incentive - KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

    Qualitative and quantitative assessments of the current implementation of plans, achievement of goals, by products, by actions, by performers, branches and categories of customers.

  • Analytical module and reporting

    Multilevel systems of analytical reports, processing of large arrays according to a schedule, on the fly, in asynchronous mode. Visualization of summary data on events and states. Broadcasting analytical publications in open access to external consumers of reports, anonymization for Visa and MasterCard, partners for additional products.

  • Deposit Portfolio Management

    Calculation of the percentage of retention of the deposit portfolio by sales points, building a forecast of sales based on the percentage of retention and the target portfolio at the end of the period.

  • Retail Business Dashboards

    Comprehensive visualization of goals for an employee or branch to synchronize efforts in current tasks.

  • Customer/Product Portfolio Management

    Product load management for each existing customer, a comprehensive analysis of the bank's product portfolio in dynamics.

  • Service Management and Handling

    An application complex for processing appeals, complaints, incidents, a tracking system and monitoring compliance with regulations on types of appeals, an external tracking portal by the applicant, integration with a call center and document management.

  • Retail Client Document Management

    Three-level system of work with documents: Chancellery, business management - coordination of documents according to the regulations and processes, internal document circulation according to the standards of the regulator and internal standards of the bank. Issuance of certificates, statements, documents digitally signed.

  • Branch load calculation

    WFM elements.

  • Mobile Point of Sale

    Automation of a remote workplace with truncated functions outside the work network, for example, a lending point in a shopping center, car dealership, affiliate networks.

  • Knowledge base

    A structured directory with documents, instructions, templates for staff training and quick advice on work issues.

  • Electronic queue

    Making an appointment with the client in the course of communication to consolidate his obligations to appear in the department. Fixing the date, time and place of the meeting with entering the appropriate employee in a free place on the calendar, or appointing a delivery courier, notification before the start and transfer if you do not show up, and integration with electronic queue devices in the departments.

  • VIP manager

    A system of fast communications with a personal manager through chats, social networks, private and online banking. The VIP manager has a special application on the smartphone and a communications control system.

  • Concierge Service

    Concierge service management system as a product of the bank, coupled with a knowledge base, contact center and external suppliers of services and goods.

  • Transport projects

    Contactless payment system in transport.

XRM® Banking® for Corporate Banking

  • CORP Single window for customer service

    A single window on all front-end product operations, processes, integrations.

  • CORP Entity card 360°/720°

    Comprehensive overview of the current status of the client.

  • CORP Related Persons Module

    Identify the relationship between clients of legal entities and individuals.

  • CORP Customer Group Formation Module

    Formation of customer groups in accordance with NBU Decree No. 368 of 08/28/2001, as well as informal information for managerial purposes. Visualization of formed groups.

  • CORP Financial statements

    Monitoring of reporting, calculation of internal credit rating.

  • CORP Customer segmentation

    Multisegmentation according to many features to obtain microsegments with a unique need and the ability to create a highly effective offer. Predicting the variation of segments over time.
  • CORP Client Life Cycle Management

    Product load management for each existing customer, a comprehensive analysis of the bank's product portfolio in dynamics.

  • CORP Product Catalog Management

    Maintaining products with extended information about their properties, intersections in segments, demand, supply rejections. Calculation of the phase of the product life cycle. Link enrichment for Cross-villages and Up-cycles. Construction of grocery sets, tariff plans.

  • CORP Product Selection Calculator (RKO, Credit, Deposit)

    Determining a possible list of products based on customer request.
  • NPL

    • Pre Collection
    • Soft Collection
    • Credit Restructuring
    • Hard Collection
    • Legal Collection
    • Execution Collection
    • Segmentation of debtors
    • Web portal for external companies
    • Export / Import Portfolio
    • Tenders for the sale of collateral
  • Contact Center

    • Event distribution module
    • Soft Phone
    • Omni-Channel Connector: SMS, Viber, Web-Chat, Facebook, Email
    • Constructor IVR
    • Incoming calls
    • Callback, Call2email
    • Outbound campaigns
    • Scripts
    • Supervisor Control Panel
    • Policies and restrictions communications
    • Predictive services
    • Contact Center Dashboards
    • Resource Management Contact Center
    • Personal employee account
    • Pinset
  • HR module

    • Recruitment processes
    • External integration
    • Personnel Development Processes
    • HR administration
    • HR portal
    • HR analytics
  • Integration

    • ABS Integration
    • Integration with the card system
    • Telephony Integration
    • Integration with translation systems
    • Scoring system integration
    • Active Directory User Account Integration
    • Service Desk Integration
    • Mail Server Integration
    • Integration with SMS Gateway
    • Integration with USSD service
    • Integration with Push Hub service for sending push notifications to mobile platforms
    • Integration with DWH and reporting tools
    • Integration with financial portals
    • Integration with the processing center
    • Integration with government registries
    • Integration with a website and a personal account of a client
    • Social Media Integration
    • Integration with instant messengers

How the system looks like — screenshot gallery

A convenient, intuitive and modern interface will help you use the full functionality of the system easily

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  • Скриншот банкинга №2
  • Скриншот банкинга №3
  • Скриншот банкинга №4
  • Скриншот банкинга №5
Integration possibilities

Integration possibilities

XRM® Banking® can be integrated with any program or a website via an API. You will no longer need to open many of applications — all data about customers, products, sales and accounts will be in the same system.

If the API for applications in your company is not available — don’t worry, our certified specialists will write the integration code.

XRM® Banking® is used by

  • Oschadbank (Ukraine), since 2011

    The largest state bank of Ukraine with 5,000 branches, 35,000 employees and more than 20 million customers. The bank began to use our product in 2011 and since then has been constantly using the system, gradually increasing the functionality of its modules.

    Anton Tutun, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Oschadbank

    As a result of cooperation with E-сonsulting we have built a powerful solution — Call Center XRM Banking, based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. It allowed us to fully automate the system of settlements with depositors of Ukrprom and Rodovid banks, who receive their deposits through our facility.

    Integration with the call center has considerably simplified the work of operators who can now easily identify clients during incoming calls and offer them a differentiated service, depending on their priorities and active banking products.

    I can confidently state that after XRM Banking installation, quality of our customer service has risen. Especially I want to mark professionalism and efficiency of E-consulting specialists, who could integrate and set up such complex solution in several weeks.

    Volodymyr Moskalenko, Deputy Director of the «Oshchadbank» Retail Business

    First of all, our actions today are aimed at automating and improving the quality of customer service. XRM ® Banking solution makes it easy to monitor and respond quickly to market conditions.

    Convenience of integration with CRM not only increases sales, but also contributes to the development of customers, competitiveness and attractiveness of our offers on the market.

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  • ForteBank (Kazakhstan), since 2015

    ForteBank is one of the largest banks in Kazakhstan, formed in 2015 as a result of the merge of Alliance Bank JSC, Temirbank JSC and ForteBank JSC. The bank is represented in all regions and cities of the country. Successfully working in the market of banking services for over 20 years. Today ForteBank JSC ranks tenth in the country in terms of assets and is developing as a universal financial institution in all areas of business, with a primary focus on the retail market, as well as lending to SMEs.

    Gauhar Beisembayeva, Managing Director in ForteBank

    In the course of the implementation of the Single Window Forte Bank project, E-Consulting has demonstrated the ability to effectively bring its experience as a business consultant and integrator to the implementation of our requirements for automating retail banking processes. As well as a quick response and loyalty to the necessary changes in the processes that took place during the project.

    Rinat Agambaev, Project Manager in ForteBank

    The solution allows us to serve customers faster, spend less time on operations and more on winning new business.

    By offering products based on the needs of the client and off one system and one screen for every interaction, we have seen major benefits for both customer and us as a bank with Microsoft Dynamics.

    Speed of deployment was also taken into account, as we set high goals, value speed and quality.

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  • Ameriabank (Armenia), since 2017

    Ameriabank is a universal bank offering corporate, retail and investment services in a comprehensive package. Being the fastest growing financial institution in the Armenian market, offering the most modern banking solutions, Ameriabank is at the same time one of the oldest banks in Armenia with a 100-year history.

  • Erste Bank

    Universal Bank in Central Europe, with headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Represented in Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia.

    Andrey Lushevsky, Chief Economist, Sales Support Department, Erste Bank

    Today, banks are actively keeping pace with the diversification of products and services, as well as the introduction of new programs and systems that make it easier and better to serve their customers. Erste Bank is no exception.

    The Microsoft system provides us with complete information and analytical support for the sales process, which makes it easier, more convenient, and faster.

    For an employee of Erste Bank, the interface of the program complex is convenient and clear in work. Of course, each system requires training to work with it, but thanks to one-time training and a training video, we got the desired result and trained staff.

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Our customers received lots of benefits


Each bank, collection company or microloan organization has its own ABS with internal services, its own business processes and its goals for developing relations with the target audience and customers. We do not sell a finished boxed product with functions and modules you do not need so that you don’t «pay for the air».

The cost of XRM® Banking® depends on the options and modules that you want to include in the delivery package and current business goals which your company needs to achieve. Our manager will tell you all the details and possible configurations.

of E-Consulting in the banking sector

More than 15 years of experience, well-known clients and a rich portfolio of works allow us to implement a project of any complexity

  • 2001

    In April 2001 the company was formed (the first name was “Everest Consulting”). Since then it has become a system integrator on the IT market. From the first days of its existence until today, the president of the company is Andrey Bezgubenko.

  • 2008

    All extraneous directions in the business were frozen to concentrate all the company's resources on XRM solutions implementation projects. XRM systems are customer relationship management systems, which are created individually for business needs of companies of the same industry.

  • 2011

    We received awards:
    - “Partner of the Year in promoting and implementing management decisions in the public sector”
    - “Partner of the Year in terms of sales of licenses for Microsoft Dynamics CRM”
    for the project of implementing the Call center XRM Banking solution on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform in Oshchadbank. The project allowed creating an organized deposit payment scheme to depositors of troubled banks “Rodovid” and “Ukrprombank” through the Oshchadbank.

  • 2012

    We won in the nomination of Best CRM Solution 2012 with the Call Center XRM® Banking® system.

    E-Consulting becomes the winner of the I International Competition «Leader in the Implementation of Innovative Technologies and Solutions for Modern Business — 2013» in the nomination «Leader in building Contact Centers and CRM Systems for Banks». The competition is organized by the publishing house KBS-Izdat and the Bankir magazine.

  • 2015

    As a result of the tender, XRM® Banking® was recognized as the best for automating the processes of servicing retail business in the context of the merging three banks — Alliance, Temirbank and ForteBank. The goal of the system is to bring the combined ForteBank to the TOP banks of the Kazakhstan retail sector.

  • 2017

    - We performed large-scale diagnostics of Ameriabank (Armenia) business processes with the subsequent implementation of the XRM® Banking® system to improve the quality and reliability of customer service.
    - Design work has been completed for Oschadbank.
    - Diagnostics of business processes for the Buslik retail chain (Belarus) was completed.

  • 2019

    - The company receives the Microsoft ISV Partner of the Year Award in Solutions for Automating Customer Relationship Management.
    - Implemented projects for the implementation and support of CRM systems at AVON, Tarantino Family, Ameria Bank.
    - Cooperation with Hyundai Motors Ukraine and Kyivenergo.

  • 2020

    - A technical support agreement was concluded with Fortebank and an agreement for the supply of Microsoft licenses.
    - Work is underway under the Development and Technical Support Agreement for Ameriabank.
    - Work has been done to set up the import of debt data from the ABS system of Ameriabank. Delivery of Dynamics 365 license completed.

  • 2021

    - Work is carried out in accordance with the concluded contracts.
    - The company is working on new projects.

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