Effective work
in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Get trained and become a specialist in working with the best CRM system on the market

You will gain knowledge and applied skills in working with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM system. Learn how to work with records, customize the system interface, work with fields and entities, create advanced business processes forms and templates, generate reports.

100% of classes are practice in a team of up to 5 people
  • For whom
  • Location
  • When
  • Group membership
  • For whom

    The course is suitable for those who:

    • В вашем офисе

      Implemented Dynamics 365 with the help of E-consulting

      and wants to customize and configure system independently, saving the budget of the department

    • В вашем офисе

      Is going to implement CRM-system

      and wants to better how it works in order to properly set objectives for the integrator

    • В вашем офисе

      Has been working with Dynamics 365 for a long

      but realizes that does not use 100% capacity of the system

    • В вашем офисе

      Wants to train their managers and users of the system in the company

      so they could create entities, change permissions, customize the interface, create templates of documents and letters

  • Location

    Where you want. We offer 3 training formats:

    • В вашем офисе

      In your office

      Employees do not have to break away from the work process. Our coach will come to visit you and give classes in your comfortable environment.

    • В вашем офисе


      Using Skype or another video calling tool, if we are separated by many miles. The quality of training remains consistently high.

    • В вашем офисе

      In our office in Kyiv

      We will warmly welcome you, feed you with cookies, teach you all the subtleties of working with the system, provide an opportunity to take a selfie with our president Andrey Bezgubenko.

  • When
    В вашем офисе

    Whenever You Want

    Training takes from 3 to 10 days depending on the chosen program. Classes are held every day from 9:00 to 18:00. There is a break for lunch and five minutes break every hour to rest.

  • Group membership
    В вашем офисе

    Group membership

    Quality training and an individual approach are paramount for us. Therefore, each group includes no more than 5 members. During classes, everyone can communicate with the coach and ask questions.

  • $590 [Basic]
    • Collection of requirements and formation of cases
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 interface, working with records. Advanced Search
    • Audit
    • Import / Export of Data
    • Charts
    • Dashboards
    • Creating a WORD Template
    • Creating an EXCEL Template
    • Report Wizard
    • Setting up a duplicate data search
    • Bulk deleting records
    [Support after training, 8 hours]
  • $990 [Standart]
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Settings
    • Creating Entities
    • Creating Links and Mappings
    • Creating fields
    • Customizing Views
    • Creation and design of forms (General forms, forms of rapid creation, express forms)
    + The whole program of the Basic Course [Support after training, 14 hours]
  • $1690 [Advanced]
    • Business Rules
    • Business Processes
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Architecture
    • Dialogues
    • Setting up roles
    • Configuring Security Profiles
    • Transferring Settings to Microsoft Dynamics 365
    + The whole program of the Standard Course [Support after training, 20 hours]

The course of the program

All our knowledge about CRM-system Microsoft Dynamics 365 collected in three programs.

Each program consists of theoretical and practical materials. We will show the process of real work and you will best understand the intricacies of interaction with the Microsoft software product.

At the end of the training, you will not only learn how to work with the system at an advanced level, but also get the opportunity to consult with our coach on all emerging issues related to the system.

Interesting facts about us:
  • Our experts are certified by Microsoft
  • Almost 15 years working with Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • 142 completed implementation projects in 6 countries
  • More than 100 specialists have been trained to work with the CRM
Course coach

Course coach

You will be trained by one of our experts

Our experts know a lot about CRM, because they customize Dynamics 365 to all our customers.

For almost 15 years of working with the system, we have studied all the subtleties, hidden settings and workarounds that can save up to 80% of the time.

After completing the course you will be able to:

The benefits of the course

  • You can choose a convenient format of learning

  • Microsoft Certified Specialist with 5 years of experience

  • 100% practice and work with live system

  • Advices and support at the end of the course

The benefits of the course

We were studying

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Do you have any questions about the training program, E-consulting company or our coach?

(Mail domains ".ru" are not processed)
(Enter the number in international format)

We guarantee that your contact details will not be transferred to third parties