Credit factory

Fast creation, approval and monitoring of loan products through automation of credit process operations

Credit conveyor

Issue loans in 15 minutes thanks to a loan conveyor on a high-performance platform

For the retail business:

  • unsecured loan;
  • cards limit;
  • car loans;
  • mortgage;
  • overdrafts;
  • credit lines, etc.

For MSB and Corporate Business:

  • urgent loans;
  • credit lines;
  • overdrafts;
  • investment loans;
  • project financing;
  • factoring;
  • leasing;
  • creation of new financing and project management tools.

Guaranteed 100% repayment

The system will automatically filter the application to determine the financial condition of the borrower and the level of credit risk

Checking client for cutoff criteria

  • PTI coefficient calculation:

    PTI - Payment To Income

  • OTI coefficient calculation:

    OTI - Obligations To Iincome

  • LTV coefficient calculation:

    LTV - Loan To Value

  • Automation of tariff selection and fixing

  • Scoring cards (models)

  • Excel Reporting Export

Conducting financial and economic analysis of business

  • Comparison of balances of different periods

    Current ratio

  • Capital adequacy

    Debt to total assets ratio

  • Share of liabilities in total capital

    Inventory turnover

  • Accounts payable turnover

    Accounts receivable turnover

  • Reporting profit and loss

    a) Profit margin; b) EBITDA; c) DSCR; d) Break-even point; e) % reduction in turnover to breakeven

  • Report building and calculation of forecast cash-Flow indicators

  • Cross-Checking

Full automation of lending processes

Digital workflow

  • Designer of the schedule of payments;
  • The formation of printed documents and postings in external systems (ABS, card system);
  • Managing credit dossier documents;
  • Electronic archive of credit documentation.

MSB and Corporate Business

  • Automatic collection and approval of opinions of related services (lawyers, security, risks, collateral department, etc.)
  • Accounting for general (framework) agreements, automation of verification of compliance with the agreement limit, taking into account the difference in exchange rates
  • Building an automated loan approval process, tracking SLA
  • Building an automated overdraft limit review process

MSB and Corporate Business

  • Retail business
  • Underwriting of the borrower
  • Routing and approval of a loan application
  • Fixation of all stages of coordination

Monitoring after granting a loan

Systematic monitoring of the condition of the loan and the conditions for fulfilling loan conditions

  • Monitoring the financial condition of the borrower.
  • Insurance status.
  • Monitoring the availability and condition of collateral.
  • The possibility of revising the cost.
  • Fulfillment of covenants (building a monitoring process and recording results, both one-time and on a periodic basis).
  • Construction of the monitoring process, recording of results and analysis of the correspondence of the loan balance to the converted LTV.
  • Reinsurance of collateral.

Integration of the Credit Factory with external systems

  • Scoring systems
  • Blacklist & Greylist
  • Existing credit bureaus
  • NBU registry
  • Open government registries:

    a) Register of court decisions;
    b) register of enforcement proceedings;
    c) unified register of debtors;
    d) register of encumbrances on movable property;
    e) register of property rights to real estate with data on the presence of burdens and prohibitions.
Corporate business
  • Tax services
  • State Register of Legal Entities
  • Credit History Bureau
  • NBU registry
  • Storage systems for data on the work of authorized persons

Results of the implementation of the credit factory

You get qualitative and quantitative growth indicators

  • 2 minutes is enough

    To make decisions on rejected applications
  • 52% faster

    Loan application under consideration
  • Up to 60% faster

    Decisions are made
  • 20% less required

    Loan cycle operating expenses

Tangible result immediately after implementation

  • Significant load reduction

    on underwriters and loan officers
  • Risk elimination

    minimization of the influence of the "human factor"
  • Credit management tool

    keep everything under control
  • Cross validation of customer data

    identification of potentially fraudulent transactions
  • Decision making model automation

    exclusion of subjective assessment
  • Electronic process

    decision-making transparency for the Bank's management
  • Conservation and accumulation

    various customer data
  • Increase customer loyalty

    clarity of processes helps improve service quality


Each bank or MFI has its own individual approach to lending to customers, and its own client profile. The credit factory from E‑Consulting takes into account the peculiarities of the client's credit policy and the level of process automation.

The cost of our services depends on those modules that you want to include in the delivery package and which your company needs to achieve its goals.

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