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For 20 years we help companies implement CRM systems and build business processes. We always bring projects to commercial operation

We come to the rescue when needed:

 Always listening to the wishes of the client, we solve problems and implement projects of any complexity

Implement CRM system in organization
Automate routine tasks
Create a client profile
Focus business on attracting new customers
Use software with maximum efficiency
Store all data in a single place with full access to it from anywhere in the world
Systematize the company's document flow
Get the opportunity to communicate with customers through all channels of communication
Describe and structure the company's business processes

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We are one team

Behind every decision are professionals

  • Good mood as a guarantee of success in project implementation
  • Surely we go to our goal
  • Beauty will save the world
  • Always ready to overcome difficulties
  • The main thing is to act together
  • Ready to win
  • In a healthy body healthy mind
  • The result is our goal

Every E-Consulting employee helps to become business better. We understand that in the modern world financial motivation is not enough, therefore, we take on projects that will make a consumer’s life, the life of an ordinary person better.

Thanks to us, thousands of Ukrainians were able to get back the bank investments of Sberbank of the USSR and Rodovid Bank.

Thanks to us, already in 2019, Ukraine will receive a transparent electronic court system, each session of which will be broadcast to the global Internet.

6 facts about us

We are Microsoft Gold Partner

Since 2002 E-Consulting has been Microsoft Gold Partner.

  • Avard 1
  • Avard 2
  • Avard 3
  • Avard 4
  • Avard 5
  • Avard 6
  • Avard 7
  • Avard 8
  • Avard 9
  • Avard 10
  • Avard 11

This is an honorary status, for gaining which it is necessary to annually confirm the knowledge employees with Microsoft examinations, have large-scale business turns and improve customer experience from project to project.

E-Consulting also has 80 international awards and certificates. The most significant of them are presented here.

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