Success Story: «Generaly Garant»

Thanks to CRM, due to time savings and more efficient work of operators, the contact center throughput has increased significantly.

Success Story: «Generaly Garant»

Generali Garant Insurance Company is part of the Generali Group, one of the largest insurance groups in the world.

  • Industry: Insurance and Finance

Customer problems

From new CRM system was expected to solve the mentioned problems

Proposed Solution: XRM® Contact Center

Proposed Solution: XRM® Contact Center

Omni-channel contact center that can be set up without the help of technical experts

What benefits did the customer receive after implementing the XRM® Contact Center

Customer reviews

  • Igor Sharov

    Due to time saving and more efficient work of operators, the throughput of our contact center has increased significantly. Using the CRM-system, it has become much easier to monitor the performance of employees in branches. It becomes easier for employees to work because they have information, because the operators work in shifts, and they are not able to remember customers and all events. And CRM allows them to quickly get all the necessary information before starting communication.

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