Success Story: «ZARINA»

Implement a single standard of pricing and service across the entire franchise network using XRM® Loyalty

Success Story: «ZARINA»

ZARINA Jewelry House is the first diamond jewelry brand of Ukraine, founded on September 28, 1998.

  • Industry: trade
  • Number of stores: more than 30

Customer problems

The need to implement a single standard for pricing and franchise coverage, including the introduction of a more efficient sales incentive system as an alternative to uncontrolled discounting, and the acquisition of tools for sales analysis.

Proposed solution: System XRM® Loyalty

Proposed solution: System XRM® Loyalty

Integrated retail CRM solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365. It allows you to implement any mechanics known in the current practice of loyalty programs

What benefits did the customer get after implementing XRM® Loyalty

Customer reviews

  • Within the framework of the project it was possible to build combined discount and bonus loyalty programs, to implement a system of individual customer service, to allocate priority clients and to shift the marketing focus on them.

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