XRM® Delivery

Industry CRM-solution that helps transport and postal companies to manage the reception, routing and cargo delivery

What is XRM® Delivery for?

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XRM® Delivery provides the ability to autonomously perform logistic, warehouse and financial operations with the subsequent transfer of data to the system

Tasks that XRM® Delivery system solves

  • Acceptance and clearance of cargo

    Systematized whole process of receiving and processing the cargo, which reduces the error. Each unit of cargo is entered into the system in the form of an object, along which the history of all events and movements takes place.

    Benefit: Each such unit is assigned a unique bar code with which XRM Delivery further interacts.

  • Cargo tracking

    The system allows you to set the exact location and status of a single unit of cargo for the entire route. The movement of cargo in the system is controlled by creating a log of events for each unit of cargo.

    Benefit: Log entries are visualized as a separate web page, which can be viewed in CRM.

  • Identify problems with cargo

    Upon detection of damage, shortage or unloading of cargo not intended for the warehouse, based on information from the scanner, the system automatically creates applications for problem loads.

    Benefit: it allows you to identify and correct such errors at the time of their detection.

  • Tariff Management

    The system has a flexible tariff setting mechanism that allows you to adjust tariffs for transportation between regions, special tariffs for transportation of certain types of cargo in a specific tariff zone or in a certain direction, and individual tariffs for regular customers.

  • Discount Management

    Introduced an adaptive mechanism for setting discounts for individual customers, branches and directions of transportation for certain types of cargo being transported.

  • Loyalty management

    The loyalty program allows you to customize the categories of loyalty cards (minimum amount for issuing and discount amount), automatically track the fulfillment of card conditions, and make changes.

  • Mass Communications Management

    The possibility of automatic distribution of the results of changes in the company's procedures (scanning of the arrived cargo; results of the investigation of the loss of cargo; formation of the route list; expiration of the general power of attorney; movement of cargo). Possibility of manual mailing (individual, advertising messages).

  • Investigation Management

    The system implements a tool for processing customer complaints regarding problem cargoes, which allows determining the culprit through the mechanism for determining the points of cargo damage, assign a penalty and compensate the damage to the customer.
    Benefit: formalized procedures for internal investigation, coordination of decisions on perpetrators, the appointment and repayment of fines or damages.

  • Document Management

    CRM automates the company's document management with the ability to customize and which documents to send. Also implemented is the fixation of returned documents from both clients and offices by scanning bar codes, and a mechanism for printing and sending documents.

  • Management of integration with the client-bank

    The system provides for accounting of incoming and outgoing non-cash payments through integration with client-bank. Receipts and write-offs of non-cash funds from the company's accounts are recorded in the system and used to account for payment of invoices.

  • Budgeting Management

    The system includes the formation of a planned budget, management of planned and actual financial and economic indicators (profitability, turnover, reserve), tracking of actual budget indicators, limitation of cost items, management of cash withdrawals.

How the system looks — gallery of screenshots

A convenient, intuitive and modern interface will help you use the full functionality of the system easily

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Integration capabilities

Integration capabilities

XRM® B2B Delivery can be linked to any program or site through an API. You will no longer need to open a dozen applications — all data about customers, products, sales and accounts will be in one system.

If the API for applications in your company is not available — do not worry, our certified specialists will write an integration code.

What customers say about XRM® Delivery


    Delivery Group is a Ukrainian group of companies with headquarters in Kiev, which specializes in providing transport and logistics services for the B2B sector (business entities and the corporate sector) both in Ukraine and abroad.

    Konstantin Kostyushko, chairman of the Board OOO "Delivery"

    We have received not just a customer relationship management system, but a high-quality tool for automated management of logistics facilities and the processes that serve them.

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    The company "Zruchna delivery" – provider of integrated logistics services for online stores.

    The representative of "Zruchna delivery"

    Constructing the concept of automation solutions for TMS, WMS, CRM, loyalty, pricing rates including the necessary integration and communication modules.

What are the benefits for customers?

Product price

Each business has its own business processes and set specific goals for developing relationships with the target audience and customers. We do not sell a finished boxed product with functions and modules you do not need so that you don’t pay for the air.

The cost of XRM® Delivery depends on the options and modules that you want to include in the package and which your company needs to achieve current business goals. Our manager will tell you about all the details and possible configurations.

History of development and achievements of E‑Consulting in cargo delivery

  • 2001

    In April, the company was established (the first name is Everest Consulting) and since then has been a system integrator in the IT market. From the first days of existence until today, the president of the company is Andrei Bezgubenko.

  • 2002

    The company receives the status of "Microsoft Gold Partner".

  • 2008

    All extraneous areas in the business were reduced to concentrate all the company's resources on XRM implementation projects — customer relationship management systems, which are created individually for business needs.

  • 2011

    Received awards:

    - “Partner of the Year in promoting and implementing management decisions in the public sector”

    - “Partner of the Year in terms of sales of licenses for Microsoft Dynamics CRM”

  • 2013

    E-Consulting becomes the winner of the I International Competition «Leader in the Implementation of Innovative Technologies and Solutions for Modern Business — 2013» in the nomination «Leader in building Contact Centers and CRM Systems for Banks». The competition is organized by the publishing house KBS-Izdat and the Bankir magazine.

  • 2019

    - The company receives the Microsoft ISV Partner of the Year Award in Solutions for Automating Customer Relationship Management.
    - Implemented projects for the implementation and support of CRM systems at AVON, Tarantino Family, Ameria Bank.
    - Cooperation with Hyundai Motors Ukraine and Kyivenergo.

  • 2020

    The company continues to work on industry solutions to provide every type of business with the best CRM on the market.

  • 2021

    - The work is carried out in accordance with the concluded contracts.
    - The company is working on new projects.

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