Success Story: «Erste Bank»

The system developed by E-consulting based on Microsoft Dynamics provides complete informational and analytical support for the sales process.

Success Story: «Erste Bank»

Erste Group Bank AG Holding is one of the largest financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe. Erste Group Bank AG, focusing on the retail business and financial support for small and medium enterprises.

  • Industry: banking sector
  • Number of units: 2505

Customer problems

Lack of customer service automation

Proposed Solution: XRM® System

Proposed Solution: XRM® System

XRM® (eXtended Relationship Management) is an industry-specific solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The XRM® system is written specifically for the client’s business tasks, so it is easily integrated into the existing infrastructure of the company.

What benefits did the customer get after implementing XRM®

Customer reviews

  • Andrey Lushchevsky

    Today, banks are actively keeping up with the diversification of products and services, as well as the introduction of new programs and systems that make it easier and better to serve their customers. Erste Bank was no exception, and in its branches it offers customers-motorists to issue an insurance policy.

    Despite the fact that this type of insurance is quite complicated in the organization and requires strict reporting, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system developed by E-consulting provides complete information and analytical support for the sales process and allows you to track the location of any CTP insurance policy. Also, this system keeps track of lost and damaged policies, which in turn makes it simpler, more convenient, faster, and most importantly - improves the quality of service for our customers. Directly for an employee of Erste Bank, the interface of the software package is convenient and understandable for any user. Of course, each system requires training in working with it, but thanks to one-time training and a training video, we get the desired result and trained personnel.

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