XRM® Autodealer

Automated system for sales management and improving customer service in the automotive business

What business can use XRM® Autodealer

System suits many companies associated with the sale and maintenance of cars. The larger the company's scale, the greater the need to automate business processes using the system XRM® Autodealer. Despite the fact that the system was developed for the needs of car dealers, after customization, it can be used by related businesses.

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  • Car Dealers
  • Automotive sites
  • Service stations
  • Car Showrooms
  • Tuning Centers
  • Rental Services & Car Leasing

XRM® Autodealer solve such problems

  • Provides complete information

    about customers and their purchases, interests. Creates a centralized place for storing all customer data: history of calls, sent letters, SMS, customer survey results.

  • Controls the sale process

    Makes car sales process consistent and brings it to the end thanks to clear steps and rules of interaction with the client.

  • Helps to organize up-sales

    Offering customers accessories and service at specified intervals after buying a car.

  • Analyzes and monitors the performance of

    each manager, as well as the whole branch.

  • Combines marketing tools of the company

    And adds new ones for quality work with the target audience and increasing customer satisfaction.

Basic units of XRM® Autodealer

  • Customer base and overview 360°

    Anyone who interest in the company's products is entered into a single database. At this point, the manager gets a task — to assess the needs and fill out the client card as much as possible.

    The customer's card may contain:

    • personal data of the client
    • information about the car and its configuration
    • purchases history
    • complete list of requests, calls
    • personal notes of the manager

    Benefit: allows to create a single customer profile and use the accumulated data to better understand his needs. The better the company understands the client — the easier it will be to offer him the car of his dream.

  • Manager's Assistant

    Includes several useful tools.

    • A test drive calendar with an automated sign up procedure.
    • A loan calculator connected to popular banks.
    • The system for evaluating cars for trade in.

    Benefit: greatly simplifies the process of sales preparation, gives managers convenient tools that help them quickly answer customer questions.

  • Car catalog and configurator

    The product catalog which divides products into groups, categories and classes — in a convenient interface and with a description of competitive advantages. Managed car configurator allows the client to choose the optimal car model, color and equipment.

    Benefit: simplifies the selection of cars, allows to choose among the ready-made options that are available for sale or available for order. Displays compatible components for the automobile and additional services that may be interesting for the buyer. It serves as a universal source of data about the company's products.

  • Marketing Management

    Customers make the decision to buy a car for a long time. The marketing module creates automatic marketing campaigns that will push to client buy and keep him after commission. For example, one year after the purchase, the customer will receive a letter with an offer to undergo maintenance and purchase additional motor protection with a discount.

    You can also analyze customer's purchase history to offer him the most relevant products. With the help of:

    • static and dynamic marketing lists;
    • customizable criteria for describing a client's portrait;
    • quick campaigns for focus effects;

    Data collection will allow to see audience response to campaigns, record and analyze the results, promptly make edits.

    Benefit: allows to customize marketing campaigns, which can contain many steps / actions, support different communication channels.

  • Order Management

    The module helps to see which cars distributor has in warehouses throughout the country and, in a few clicks, draw up reserves and orders for the desired cars. In addition, the manager knows in advance the maximum discount that can be given on a particular car and issue a preliminary redemption at a reduced price.

    Benefit: simple and fast formation of orders for cars through a convenient and modern interface.

  • Knowledge Base and Templates

    Place a knowledge base in the company's internal network that allows to:

    • use the database search
    • store information about products and regulatory documents
    • view the latest changes
    • rapidly bring company news to employees
    • keep staff informed about all promotions held by the company

    Benefit: makes employees life easier, allows them to provide quality advice to customers using reliable information. Also contains templates of frequently used documents, which reduces the time for their preparation.

How the system looks like — a screenshot gallery

A convenient, intuitive and modern interface will help you use the full functionality of the system easily

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The integration

The integration

XRM® Autodealer can be linked to any program or site via an API. You will no longer need to open a dozen applications — all the data about clients, available cars, marketing, sales and accounts, current credit rates will be in one system.

If the API for applications in your company is not available — do not worry, our certified specialists will write an integration code.

We have helped to improve auto businesses

Our customers received lots of benefits

Product price

Each company has its own business processes and set specific goals for developing relationships with the target audience and customers. We have no intention to sell you a finished boxed product with unnecessary features and modules.

The cost of the XRM® Autodealer depends on the options that you want to include in the package and which your company needs to achieve its current business goals. Our manager will tell you about all the details and possible configurations.

History of development and achievements of E‑Consulting in the field of auto business

More than 15 years of experience, famous clients and a rich portfolio of works allow us to implement a project of any complexity

  • In April 2001

    The company was formed (the first name was “Everest Consulting”). Since then it has become a system integrator on the IT market. From the first days of its existence until today, the president of the company is Andrey Bezgubenko.

  • In 2008

    All extraneous directions in the business were frozen to concentrate all the company's resources on XRM solutions implementation projects. XRM systems are customer relationship management systems, which are created individually for business needs of companies of the same industry.

  • In 2016

    The first major implementation of the system for the Ukrainian car dealer AIS. The developed solution covered all the stages of interaction with customers of auto centers and offered a visual designer of cars for the buyer.

    In addition, the system was integrated with distributor databases and allowed managers to track the cars available in warehouses, order them with a few clicks. For better service and handling of requests, the AIS auto dealer received an advanced contact center associated with the service portal.

  • In 2017

    XRM Autodealer was moved on the cloud platform Dynamics 365 and started to introduce in the Ukrainian branch Hyundai Motors. Among with the innovations system got a higher performance and mobile application for company employees.

    Also there was a loan calculator and integration with a partner who bought out used cars from customers through trade in system. This allowed customers to get the best conditions when buying a car and quickly calculate the necessary payments.

  • In 2018

    New project was completed for Astana Motors. It included the concept of an integrated information system, developed for automating retail and corporate car sales and a set of customer relations.

    The project includes, among other things, the spare parts market, the contact center module, the integration of car makers' systems, the analytics system and the end-to-end integration with the company's corporate website.

  • In 2019

    - The company receives the Microsoft ISV Partner of the Year Award in Solutions for Automating Customer Relationship Management.
    - Implemented projects for the implementation and support of CRM systems at AVON, Tarantino Family, Ameria Bank.
    - Cooperation with Hyundai Motors Ukraine and Kyivenergo.

  • In 2020

    The company continues to work on industry solutions to provide every type of business with the best CRM on the market.

  • In 2021

    - The work is carried out in accordance with the concluded contracts.
    - The company is working on new projects.

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