Success Story: «Donbass Arena»

E-consulting company proposed to build relationships with fans based on the CRM platform, introducing the XRM® Loyalty system

Success Story: «Donbass Arena»

Donbass Arena is the first "Elite" category stadium in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, designed and built in accordance with the best modern technologies.

  • Industry: infrastructure and sport
  • Capacity: 52 667 people
  • Opening: August 29, 2009

Customer problems

Lack of automation with target groups

Proposed solution: System XRM® Loyalty

Proposed solution: System XRM® Loyalty

A comprehensive CRM-solution for retail, built on the platform of Microsoft Dynamics 365. It allows you to implement any mechanics known in modern practice of loyalty programs

What benefits did the customer get after implementing XRM® Loyalty

Customer reviews

  • Dmitry Teplyakov

    It is very important for us to effectively communicate with each of our fans, accurately determine their preferences and do everything so that visiting the stadium is as comfortable as possible for each guest. Even at the design stage of the Donbass Arena, we seriously thought about working with a company that could help us solve these problems. That turned out to be E-consulting, which proposed building relationships with fans based on the CRM platform by implementing the XRM Loyalty system.

    CRM made it possible to increase the manageability of communication channels and made it possible to register every contact with a football fan who came to the match or, say, a fan shop, a site visitor or someone who reached the stadium information center. So we get to know them better, personalize them, fixing social and commercial data. It is convenient that all information is stored in a structured evaluation form, which allows you to quickly work with the data of interest to us at the moment. CRM also provides information analysis and identifies specific target groups, and also allows for effective activities to attract and serve visitors. The system also manages communication channels with representatives of target groups - e-mail distribution, SMS distribution and questionnaires. Most importantly, the management of all these complex and at first glance completely different processes is carried out from one “console”. Over three years of fruitful cooperation, E-consulting specialists have established themselves as professionals who cope with any tasks assigned to them and help to expand the range of opportunities for using the platform.

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