XRM® B2B Sales

Extended CRM-solution for B2B sales

What is XRM® B2B Sales designed for?

xrm banking

Sales management and customer service based on best practices in the field of process automation, operating tools, systems analysis, reporting and planning.

Tasks solved by the XRM® B2B Sales system

  • Automation of the sales process

    To the needs of the customer (setting up a line of processes, business rules, objects of the sales module)

  • Set up automatic event notifications

    To improve performance

  • Templates of printed forms

    According to customer requests (contracts, KP, specifications)

  • Organizational structure visualizers

    (Organizational, Visualize) for building, storing and conveniently analyzing links between entities (legal entities and individuals) within financial groups and individual organizations

  • Two-way integration with ERP

    For online transfer of journals on the list (up to 10 directories) with setting up the product catalog

  • Setting up mobile forms

    Of system interface for effective remote work of employees

  • Customize KPI targets

    By specified parameters with built-in tracking tools

  • Setting up procedures

    For monitoring and controlling the execution of tasks, detailing the stages, employees, status, actions, deadlines, statuses.

How the system looks like — screenshot gallery

A convenient, intuitive and modern interface will help you use the full functionality of the system easily

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Integration capabilities

Integration capabilities

XRM® B2B Sales can be linked to any program or site through an API. You will no longer need to open a dozen applications — all data about customers, products, sales and accounts will be in one system.

If the API for applications in your company is not available — do not worry, our certified specialists will write an integration code.

What customers say about XRM® B2B Sales

  • SI BIS

    The company established in 2003, is engaged in the integration of IT and business solutions. Since 2007 is a strategic partner of MTI.

    Dmitry Bogun, general director of the company "SI BIS"

    The company SI BIS expresses its gratitude to the specialists of E-consulting company for the implementation of the project to implement the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. The XRM solution on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform implements the company's operation scheme, which fully meets the requirements of a modern client-manager and manager-employee relationship organization.

    This system provides our employees with all the tools for professional and high-quality performance of their duties. Due to the distribution of sales by stages and status, real-time statistics are generated, a sales funnel is generated, both in graphical and tabular form, which is always available for viewing. The introduction of the system has improved the quality of the work of the marketing department associated with the assessment of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and customer satisfaction. Deep analytics for both management and managers allow you to determine the points of potential growth and optimize the company's business processes.

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    Metallurgical company specializing in the production of pipes and wheels for railway transport. Registered in 1990. The main production activity is conducted in Ukraine, the headquarters is located in the city of Dnieper.

    Andrey Babenko, head of planning department, Interpipe Ukraine LLC

    Because of XRM B2B Sales implementation on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, the company's headquarters received a unified information base of customers, products, tariffs, suppliers, partners and employees for accounting, monitoring, analyzing and forecasting their commercial activities, including through the integration capabilities of XRM B2B Sales with previously built ERP-system.

What are the benefits for customers?

Product price

The cost of XRM® B2B Sales depends on the options and modules that you want to include in the package and which your company needs to achieve current business goals. We do not sell a finished boxed product with functions and modules you do not need so that you don’t pay for the air. Our manager will tell you about all the details and possible configurations.

History of development
and achievements of E‑Consulting in B2B sales

  • 2001

    In April, the company was established (the first name is Everest Consulting) and since then has been a system integrator in the IT market. From the first days of existence until today, the president of the company is Andrei Bezgubenko.

  • 2002

    The company receives the status of "Microsoft Gold Partner".

  • 2008

    All extraneous areas in the business were reduced to concentrate all the company's resources on XRM implementation projects — customer relationship management systems, which are created individually for business needs.

  • 2011

    Received awards:
    - “Partner of the Year in promoting and implementing management decisions in the public sector”

    - “Partner of the Year in terms of sales of licenses for Microsoft Dynamics CRM”

  • 2013

    E-Consulting becomes the winner of the I International Competition «Leader in the Implementation of Innovative Technologies and Solutions for Modern Business — 2013» in the nomination «Leader in building Contact Centers and CRM Systems for Banks». The competition is organized by the publishing house KBS-Izdat and the Bankir magazine.

  • 2019

    - The company receives the Microsoft ISV Partner of the Year Award in Solutions for Automating Customer Relationship Management.
    - Implemented projects for the implementation and support of CRM systems at AVON, Tarantino Family, Ameria Bank.
    - Cooperation with Hyundai Motors Ukraine and Kyivenergo.

  • 2020

    The company continues to work on industry solutions to provide every type of business with the best CRM on the market.

  • 2021

    - The work is carried out in accordance with the concluded contracts.
    - The company is working on new projects.

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