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Name of works Article Cost per 1 hour
Analysis and audit
Analysis of the customer's company infrastructure EC00022 60$
Audit and description of the processes of the company EC00016 90$
Help in determining
Determination of requirements to migration of data EC00020 90$
Determination security roles and permissions EC00021 60$
Installation and setup
Installation of system EC00023 60$
Setting of updates in the tooled system of Microsoft Dynamics CRM EC00004 42$
Design forms and configuring the additional type registry objects, views, and lists EC00003 33$
Collection and analysis of requirements
Gathering requirements to integration and interfaces EC00019 90$
Collection, analysis and formalization of functional requirements EC00018 42$
Consulting services
Advisory of user on services on major applications in Microsoft Dynamics CRM EC00001 30$
Advisory services on techniques of administration in Microsoft Dynamics CRM EC00002 42$
Configuration and design
System configuration EC00015 33$
Description of the solution, create the project documentation EC00017 60$
Designing software development EC00005 60$
Work with data
Work with data of Data Cleaning EC00012 60$
Work with data in Data Convertion, data import EC00011 42$
Development of Integration Tools EC00009 60$
Development of JavaScript EC00006 60$
Development of Plugins and Utilities EC00007 42$
Development of SQL Report Sevices EC00010 51$
Development of Web applications EC00008 51$
Development of Workflows EC00013 42$
Development of templates, printing, email EC00014 33$

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