Success Story: «ForteBank»

One of the leading banks in Kazakhstan, in order to enter the TOP banks of the retail sector, needed a single CRM system

Success Story: «ForteBank»

ForteBank Joint Stock Company is one of the leading Kazakhstan banks and has been successfully operating in the banking services market for more than 20 years.

  • Industry: banking sector
  • Number of branches: about 100
  • Product Introduction Date: 2015

Customer issues

The need for an effective solution to these problems:

Proposed solution: ForteBank Single Window Project

Proposed solution: ForteBank Single Window Project

According to the results of the tender held by ForteBank in 2015, the solution from E-consulting, implemented on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, was recognized as the best.
One of the key features of the implemented system is the Single Window functionality.

What benefits did the customer get after implementing system

Customer reviews

  • A single window on the USD platform ensures the effective operation of the front office for customer service, combining the work of the Bank's major programs, such as ABIS Colvir, Compas +; money transfer systems Zolotaya Korona, Western Union, Genesys Contact Center, as well as LotusNotes, Service Desk, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM in a single interface. Implemented 360 ° client review tools. Integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with a network of ATMs and external sites was also implemented to manage the demonstration of individual offers to customers and to fix interests (lead generation) for further processing.

    As part of the development of the CRM system at ForteBank, in the near future it is planned to introduce a 720 ° survey using the cpm tools for analyzing client data with the possibility of building personalized and mass marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, as well as integration with modern communication services Facebook, Twitter, Viber, WhatsUp , Skype, Telegram, SMS in order to ensure effective marketing communications.

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