Diagnostics of business processes

The best thing that can be done before CRM integration in the organization

The main risks for any implementation project are the uncertainty at the start

How much is the project? How long does it take to run? What will be included in the solution? Will this solve business problems?

To give a truthful answer, you need to move from an abstract "CRM" to a specific concept.
Carrying out diagnostics, I will tell you what opportunities are in modern CRM systems out of the box, tell you what requirements you can make quickly and which ones take more time, and help you prioritize, breaking the target project into small steps - reducing the time to first commissioning. And of course, I will announce in advance invisible for business, but the necessary technical requirements and the work of adjacent contractors, saving the project from surprises in the later stages of implementation.
Andrey Zhdanovich, COO of E-consulting,
have done the diagnosis in 8 international companies
Andrey Zhdanovich Andrey Zhdanovich

What are the risks for companies that refuse diagnostics before implementing CRM

Benefits of diagnostics:

  • Identifies the customer's pains

  • Gives a clear project content

  • Gives an idea of the budget

  • Shows the schedule

  • Takes into account the infrastructure requirements of the company

  • Prioritize the project stages

  • Checks integrator strength

As a result of the diagnosis, the future project moves from theory to practice. Having a project concept in your hands, you can plan a budget and a project deadline, conduct a high-quality tender to purchase the system, and be confident in the usefulness of the future solution for the business.
Andrey Bezgubenko, Chief Designer XRM systems, president of E-consulting
Andrey Bezgubenko Andrey Bezgubenko

Who carries out the diagnostics and how long does it take

Diagnostics from E-consulting takes an average of 1-3 months and is carried out by certified specialists

Project team involved:
  • . Project manager
  • . Business analyst
  • . Technical consultant
  • . System architect
  • . Engineer
  • . Developer

Diagnostics provides answers for 3 questions:

  • . What processes will be implemented?
  • . Who and how will work in the system?
  • . What are the benefits for the company as a result of the modified process?

The first two we spend in the Customer’s office, where the project leader interviews key people of the company and collects data on infrastructure, current business processes and suggestions for their improvement. After receiving all inputs, project manager returns to the E-consulting office. Together with the team, over the next 2-3 weeks they create the project concept, implementation schedule and project budget.

Diagnostics results

Upon completion of the procedure, the customer receives 3 documents:

Diagnostics results

Upon completion of the procedure, the customer receives 3 documents:

  • The Project Concept

    • The Project Concept  1/4
    • Price estimate 2/4
    • Calendar plan 3/4
    • Calendar plan 4/4
    • Project goals
    • Project content
    • Processes involved
    • Functional extensions
    • List of data for migration
    • List and amount of required resources
    • Project work plan
    • Risk and assurance registry
    • Audit conclusion on the customer's IT infrastructure
    • Requirements about additional members of the project team
  • Implementation schedule

    • Implementation schedule 1/3
    • Implementation schedule 2/3
    • Implementation schedule 3/3
    • Describes all the stages of project implementation
    • Visually and consistently shows how the integration will take place
    • Allows to form a real idea of ​​the timing of the launch, taking into account possible risks
  • Project budget

    • Project budget 1/3
    • Project budget 2/3
    • Project budget 3/3
    • Detailed calculation of the cost of necessary software and licenses
    • Budget for modernization of the company's infrastructure for the project
    • Cost of implementation services and development of necessary integrations
    • Cost of project support services

Diagnostics cost from E-consulting

The company offers 3 types of diagnostics: express diagnostics, standard and advanced. The cost of diagnostics is formed individually for each customer, based on his requests, the scale of the diagnosed processes and the goals of the future implementation. Contact our managers, they will tell you details and make a cost calculation for you.

We successfully diagnosed

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