Marketing automation


The functions of the marketing module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 cover all stages of the marketing cycle, such as marketing planning, preparation and implementation of campaigns, including segmenting the customer base for each campaign, collecting initial customer responses and marketing analysis.

Customer acquisition

With Dynamics Marketing, you will receive leads from various channels, such as email, landing pages, webinars, personal events on LinkedIn and others.

You will be able to receive detailed information about how many people visited your site or responded to an advertising campaign so that you can make changes in time and not spend extra money.

Detailed reports on the number of new customers attracted and how many customers were lost during the campaign will help to see the progress.

Customer Interaction Tools

  1. LinkedIn Lead Gen - integration with the LinkedIn social network, which helps to understand the portrait of your customers and creates another channel of communication between you. LinkedIn data can be retrieved directly from CRM.
  2. Email templates - creating branded letters that will be used in marketing and transactional mailings to customers.
  3. Landing Page Designer - Quickly create landing pages with interactive elements, like chats and feedback / subscription forms.
  4. Interest assessment models - the ability to track customer loyalty and interest in your products based on the history of his interactions with your advertising.
  5. Customer segmentation - the ability to filter your customers by any parameters and characteristics using built-in analytics (gender, age, interests, purchase history).
  6. Cycles of interaction with the client - uniting the link of all elements with which you can build flexible scenarios of interaction between your company and the client.

E-mail Marketing

Use the marketing message designer to quickly create attractive email based on professional custom templates.

All templates are carefully designed so that they look good on a wide variety of devices, platforms and email clients.

Key features and features of the designer of marketing email messages:

  • A simple constructor that does not require programming.
  • Professional Email Templates.
  • Preview general-purpose and specific email clients.
  • HTML editor to add advanced settings and dynamic content.
  • Details of opening, clicks and forwards for each message.
  • Heatmaps, location maps, and other modern means of visualizing results.

6 steps to a successful marketing campaign

Select the current database (Excel, CRM, any software) or create a new one using the LinkedIn social network.

Segment your audience with built-in analytics (gender, age, interests, purchase history).

Create personalized emails with ready-made email templates and landing pages.

Launch a marketing campaign that will appeal to your desired audience.

Analyze your client’s path from the first contact to the transaction to repeat successful actions in the future and increase conversion even further.

Repeat the success cycle an infinite number of times.

Marketing Effectiveness

Maximize your marketing ROI with dashboards that help you track your marketing activities and more accurately track your productivity.

1. Configurable dashboards and interactions help track and improve marketing performance.

2. Real-time tracking will help you understand the impact of each step on your customer’s journey.

3. Start using a single source of information to accurately track sales and marketing results.