XRM® Loyalty

This is a complex CRM solution for retail, built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. It allows you to implement any mechanics known in modern practice of loyalty programs

XRM® Loyalty will provide modern marketing tools

Your marketing will become systemic and more effective. The company will increase the client base, the amount of the average check, as well as the number of commodity items in the check.

XRM Banking Scheme XRM Banking Scheme

What companies need XRM® Loyalty

We offer a solution for organizations with a large client flow that value their reputation, want to grow and develop with their customers. The system is well established in the retail business and the service sector.

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  • Retail
  • Grocery stores
  • Auto business
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping malls
  • Cinemas

XRM® Loyalty solve such problems

  • Forms a single catalog of the company's products

    With attributes, flexible pricing and detailed information on each product / service

  • Offers new opportunities to attract

    retain and work with clients. And also unites the current marketing tools of the company in a single window

  • Stores data about each client

    his active discount cards, inquiries and appeals. As well as the history of calls, sent letters, SMS, the results of the surveys

  • Divides customers into segments

    Depending on their characteristics and preferences. It helps to form individual offers that are very likely to be accepted

  • Allows you to run promotions and create loyalty mechanics

    In a few clicks and without the help of IT department. Each action and mechanics can be assigned with conditions, launch rules, priority actions

  • Helps to engage customers through gamification

    Game mechanics and coupons not only entertain the buyer, but also motivate him to make the next purchase from you

  • Protects the company from fraudsters

    Checks all payments in real time, thanks to the built-in anti-fraud system

  • Easily integrates with other applications and services

    Using the built-in Web API, the system can be associated with programs that are used in the company

You will solve almost all issues related to customer loyalty

For everyone who wants to increase customer loyalty, increase the average check amount, increase frequency of purchases and get a single center for marketing activities, E-consulting has developed the XRM® Loyalty.

The main blocks of the XRM® Loyalty system

  • Customer review 360 ° or 720 °

    Get complete customer information on a CRM card:

    • personal data

    • active products
    • previous relationship history
    • order history, transactions, calls


    Benefit: allows you to create a single client profile within an organization to use accumulated data, a better understanding of customer needs and a vision of a complete picture of customer relationships today, tomorrow, and after a period of time.

  • Grocery catalog

    With a breakdown of products into groups, categories and classes — in a convenient interface and with a description of competitive advantages. Build a hierarchical structure of products, highlight product families, create product cross-sell matrices for different customer segments, keep records of requests for products.

    Benefit: simplifies the selection of relevant products for customers, increases the rate of pre-sales. Accelerates seller training. It serves as a universal source of data about the company's products.

  • Multisegmentation and сlustering

    Divide customers into segments and clusters, set up your own promotion mechanics for each. Highlight new groups, find patterns in customer behavior with built-in Power BI analytics and interactive dashboards.

    Segmentation takes into account:

    • demographic characteristics
    • socio-economic
    • behavioral characteristics
    • food load
    • churn analysis

    Benefit: allows you to use the built-in analytical module Microsoft Dynamics 365, which allows the marketers of the company to independently build statistical and dynamic reports, charts, and sales funnels in three clicks.

  • Marketing management

    Create automatic marketing campaigns that will run on triggers. For example, a week after the purchase, the customer will receive a letter with an offer to leave a review about the product and a discount on its accessories.

    Analyze the customer's purchase history to offer him the most relevant products. What will help to do it:

    • static and dynamic marketing lists
    • customizable criteria for describing the client's portrait
    • quick campaigns for focus effects

    Track the audience's reaction to your campaigns, record and analyze the results, make quick edits.

    Benefit: allows you to customize marketing campaigns, which can contain many steps / actions, support different communication channels.

  • Loyalty systems designer

    Create and customize new loyalty mechanics in the company through a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to understand without the help of the IT department. All mechanics work according to the rules that are set manually, and then they work automatically.

    Benefit: charge customers points / bonuses / discounts, easily and flexibly customize any loyalty mechanics without the participation of programmers.

  • Communication module

    Communicate with customers through convenient communication channels using a single interface. The module allows you to process customer requests and send them messages in the following ways:

    • Email (computer, phone)
    • SMS (phone)
    • Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, LINE, WeChat
    • WEB chat
    • Phone call. Call from the site. Callback through the site
    • Push notifications
    • USSD menu of mobile phones
    • Log in to the WiFi network

    Benefit: you will always be in touch with the client in the format that is convenient for him. It will be easy for the client to communicate with the company, and the company will be able to quickly resolve all issues that arise and provide a high level of service.

  • Knowledge base and patterns

    Place a knowledge base on the company's internal network that allows employees to:

    • use database search
    • store information about products and regulations
    • show the latest changes in the knowledge base
    • communicate company news to employees
    • keep staff informed about all promotions held by the company

    Benefit: makes life easier for employees, allows them to provide quality advice to clients using reliable information. Also contains templates of frequently used documents, which reduces the time for their preparation.

  • Reward system

    Different rewards make the customer loyal to your brand. Possible types of remuneration for the client:

    • discount
    • bonus
    • points
    • prize, gift, additional service
    • special status or club membership

    Benefit: you give the client a reward for a managed purchase and in return receive more information about the client, statistics of his preferences and tastes.

  • Web portal and personal account of the client

    Create a space in which customers and contractors will interact comfortably with your company.

    The module contains:

    • personal accounts of clients and contractors
    • tracking rewards history
    • history of using points
    • personal promotions, discounts, notifications
    • questioning, voting
    • logistics tracking

    Benefit: you can actively respond to customer requests and orders. Customers will know when you can provide them with a product / service, receive personal offers and are more likely to make a second purchase.

  • Contact center

    XRM Loyalty can optionally contain a full-fledged contact center that allows you to handle calls and communicate with clients on Facebook, Telegram, Viber or via the webchat site using a single window.

    Benefit: the sooner a client contacts the company and gets an answer to his question, the more likely he becomes loyal.

  • Recognizable customer satisfaction emotions

    Install multiple cameras that will capture customer faces and capture the emotions they experience during the maintenance process. All data is processed in real time and transmitted to the server.

    Benefit: based on data analysis, you can determine in advance in what mood the client and find the best approach to it. Analysis of the customer’s face at the exit from the store helps to understand whether the company has served it efficiently or not.

  • Couponing, challenges, gamification

    Get at your disposal a set of mechanics who tie a customer to your company with various rewards.

    Coupon - the right to receive a strictly defined privilege. Coupons are automatically issued to the participant upon the occurrence of events.

    Challenges - the fulfillment of certain conditions allows the participant to make a call and receive a reward for it.

    Gamification assumes that there is a set of certain conditions, having fulfilled that participant “becomes the winner of the game”, and receives a material prize or privilege for it.

    Benefit: more than half of customers participating in the loyalty program spend more on purchases, and their checks are one and a half times higher on average.


How looks the system — gallery of screenshots

The system interface is simple and intuitive. And this means that your specialists will be able to start working in the system immediately after its integration.

  • Bonus accrual / withdrawal
  • Customer information
  • Map Information
  • Building a marketing rule
  • Dashboard
  • Dashboard
  • Order Management
  • Product Information
  • Product Directory
  • Bonus Rules
  • Giving Promotion
  • Criteria
  • Related Reference Criteria
Possibilities of integration

Possibilities of integration

XRM® Loyalty can be linked to any program or site through the API. You don’t need to open a dozen applications — all data about clients, marketing, products, sales and accounts will be in one system.

If APIs are not available in your company — don’t worry, our certified specialists will write the integration code.

Successful implementations of XRM® Loyalty

  • Kiev Central Department Store (TSUM), since 2016

    The central department store is a favorite place of Kiev residents and guests of the capital. In 2012, the Central Department Store was closed for restoration in order to open in four years in a completely new and updated format for Ukraine. This is an open space that is visited by thousands of customers every day.

    Natalia Oberemok, IT Director of TSUM

    In 2012, the Central Department Store was closed for restoration. And it was already opened in a completely new format. At the design stage of the entire business model, we realized that we need a system for effective communication with customers and partners. E-Consulting specialists proposed Loyalty XRM solution.

    Now we effectively communicate with our customers through two major channels — sms and email distribution. We have implemented a unique solution in the Ukrainian market — we have integrated all the discount programs of tenants into a single client profile. Thanks to the XRM Loyalty system, the department store received a powerful foundation for building a customer profile, for studying our customer, for getting analytics.

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  • MOYO

    The MOYO story began in 2009, when the first store was opened. Today, the MOYO network has 44 stores and is represented in 26 cities of Ukraine. Customers can buy goods in retail stores, order in the online store MOYO.UA or make an order through a call-center.

    Maxim Levchenko, Director of Client Experience MOYO

    At the moment we are in the top 10 Ukrainian e-commerce projects. Our client base is more than half a million people, of whom at least one-third are active. The market has changed, the behavior of our customers has also changed, and we understood that in order to meet their demand, we also need to change. In order to implement the omnichannel customer interaction system, we needed a “mission control center”. We wanted to show clients that it is convenient to communicate with us through any channels - telephone, chat, email, sms, viber.

    E-Consulting specialists have proposed a universal solution that allows us to solve our strategic tasks. The main advantage of E-Consulting is a very well-coordinated internal project team, so it was very easy to do a project together. As a result, integration with the front, back and e-commerce project. This allowed in real time each client to apply to the processing and receive a modified check. As far as automation is concerned, the current response rates from CRM processing are less than a second, and this is a record figure in this area.

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    Manufacturer and seller of jewelry with 30 points of sale throughout the country. The company owns its own serial and exclusive production, as well as the right to sell luxury world brands.

    Vladimir Kolesnichenko, Head of IT

    The company had to introduce a unified standard of pricing and services with coverage of the franchise network, including the introduction of a more efficient sales incentive system.

    As a result of the introduction of the XRM Loyalty system, we have switched from a non-discount to a discount loyalty program, introduced category management and implemented an individual service system without being linked to the seller.

    Special thanks go to Igor Chadayev, business analyst and project manager at E-Consulting. For high professionalism, creative approach in comprehending and implementing design requirements, proactivity and initiative in solving design problems.


    Worldwide footwear network with 180 stores in Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, China, Azerbaijan and Moldova. The company also has its own online store. The number of active buyers participating in the company's loyalty program is more than 400,000.

    A. Grakov, SME Project Manager

    Thanks to the project of E-Consulting, we were able to focus efforts and marketing budget on prospective clients through RFM-analysis, received client profiles, identified 3 main behavioral models, and also implemented the Unified Program Standard for all channels and service points.

Product price

Each business has its own business processes and set specific goals for developing relationships with the target audience and customers. We do not sell a finished boxed product with functions and modules you do not need so that you don’t pay for the air.

The cost of XRM® Loyalty depends on those options and modules that you want to include in the package and which your company needs to achieve current business goals. Our manager will tell you about all the details and possible configurations.

Achievements of E‑Consulting in the field of loyalty

More than 15 years of experience, famous clients and a rich portfolio of works allow us to implement a project of any complexity.

  • 2001

    In April 2001, a company was created (the first name is Everest Consulting) and for more than 17 years it has been providing IT and business consulting services. From the first days of its existence until today, the president of the company is Andrei Bezgubenko.

  • 2008

    In 2008, all extraneous business lines were reduced to concentrate all the company's resources on XRM solutions implementation projects - customer relationship management systems, which are created individually for business needs.

    The formation of the XRM Loyalty system begins with the implementation of individual functional modules in Benish Ukraine projects (to organize billing) and the further development of the functionality of loyalty program management in projects for Skymall shopping malls and the IMAX network.

  • 2009

    In 2009, the loyalty management system became the core of a CRM project for the Donbass Arena stadium, provided marketing programs to attract fans to the stadium, including the identification of fans and their data collection carried out at each point of interaction between the organization and the client.

    According to the results of the implementation, the Loyalty modification was named XRM Stadium, it was adopted as the basic standard for all Euro 2012 stadiums and later introduced into the NSC Olimpiysky.

  • 2014

    In 2014, as part of a program to popularize non-cash payments using payment cards, a system of multi-channel registration of participants, accounting of remuneration and analysis of customer behavior as part of a loyalty program in the Escalating Bank of Ukraine was built.

  • 2015

    In 2015, the XRM Loyalty system was introduced in the Carlo Pazolini and Zarina retail chains. As part of these projects, it was possible to build combined discount loyalty programs, implement an individual customer service system, highlight priority customers and shift the marketing focus to them.

  • 2017

    In 2017, E-consulting launched a large-scale project at the Kiev Central Department Store. XRM Loyalty united 300,000 loyalty program client cards in one system, called the “Unified Card of the Central Department Store”. Its use made it possible in the first year after implementation to raise the RFM figures by 20%, increase the amount of information on the client base to 60% and get a quarter more active loyal customers.

    At the same time, the project for the implementation of MOYO equipment in the network of stores was successfully completed. A notable feature was the use of mechanic couponing and gamification, which stimulated an increase in the frequency of purchases, the sum of the average check and the number of positions per check. A deep segmentation of customers was also carried out, which made it possible to turn emails from a source of spam into a powerful tool for delivering individual offers to each customer, taking into account his interests and past purchases.

  • 2019

    - The company receives the Microsoft ISV Partner of the Year Award in Solutions for Automating Customer Relationship Management.
    - Implemented projects for the implementation and support of CRM systems at AVON, Tarantino Family, Ameria Bank.
    - Cooperation with Hyundai Motors Ukraine and Kyivenergo.

  • 2021

    - XRM Loyalty continues to evolve, receives new functionality and expansion modules.
    - The company is working with new projects.

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