You will solve almost all issues related to customer loyalty

You will solve almost all issues related to customer loyalty

For everyone who wants to increase customer loyalty, increase the average check amount, increase frequency of purchases and get a single center for marketing activities, E-consulting has developed the XRM® Loyalty.

Interestingly, even successful organizations will sooner or later encounter such difficulties:

  • Many “one-time customers” (who do not return after the first purchase).
  • Regular customers rarely buy (and do not know about current offers of the company).
  • The average amount of a check does not grow (goods and services of a high price segment have no demand).
  • Low customer loyalty (with the smallest activity of competitor competitors, the risk of losing a customer increases many times).
  • There is nowhere to put in stocks (warehouses are crammed with low-liquid goods).
  • Cross-selling does not work (buyers refuse additional services and offers).
  • All marketing must be done “by hand” (even launching a simple mailing on a customer base takes several weeks).

It is easy to imagine what can happen if you ignore these problems.
Marketing costs do not pay off, the goods are dead weight in the warehouse, and customers go to competitors, if they make a 5% discount. But, of course, there are ways to avoid this.

  • The company spends money to attract customers, but they do not return
  • Marketing costs are not paying off, the company's profit is not growing
  • Customers go to a competitor who offers a lower price
  • Product stocks must be given away for free
  • You must keep several marketers on staff to carry out routine tasks.

For everyone who wants to increase customer loyalty, increase the average check amount, increase the frequency of purchases and get a single center for marketing activities, E-consulting has developed the XRM® Loyalty system.

What does the Loyalty system contain?

Product and customer database
Tool for audience segmentation
Customizer marketing campaigns
Loyalty, coupon and gamification program management module
Optional modules that the customer can choose at will.

Module 1: Products and Clients

The “Products and Clients” module helps to find out as much information as possible about customers' preferences, as well as formulate offers for them that they cannot refuse.

The personal card displays personal data of the client, available communication channels, a list of cards. Preferred categories of goods, the history of his appeals and orders. This is called 360 Client Overview.
For example, a car dealership sees that a customer bought a car six months ago. So, it's time to send him a reminder of the scheduled inspection and offer a discount on the installation of additional engine protection. The client appreciated the care and recommended a car dealership to a friend, who soon also bought a new car there.

A feature of the “360” module in the Loyalty system is that it collects all the important information about the client from different systems in one window. Thanks to integrations, you can see the customer’s payment history, requests and letters that he sent to tech support, listen to the history of his calls. And that’s all in one application.

Module 2: Segmentation

Segmentation helps to divide customers into groups based on their needs, interests, favorite products. The more detailed an audience segmented, more likely client will agree to accept the marketing offer.

One client can belong to several segments at once. For example, the client of the cinema chain Oksana is immediately in three groups: “Spectator Day”, “Horror Films”, “Melodramas”. Knowing about the tastes of the viewer, the cinema offers Oksana discounts on the new part of Saws and 50 Shades, as well as a coupon for free popcorn on the day of the viewer.

As part of segmentation, XRM® Loyalty allows you to track the life cycle of a client, CSI and NPS indices, conduct RFM analysis and analysis of customer churn.

Module 3: Marketing Campaigns

To foster consumer interest in brand products and services, you need to regularly communicate with them. The module of marketing campaigns covers full cycle of communication with the client: from the formation of segments of the target audience to direct delivery of messages through a user-friendly communication channel.

XRM® Loyalty allows you to create e-mail newsletter templates, make beautiful letters and send them to customers according to specified scenarios and customized events.

But what if a simple letter is not enough? Here comes the landing page designer. You can create your own marketing page that attracts customers in less than an hour, without the help of programmers, and publish it on the Internet.
Depending on how clients interact with letters: how often they are read and what links they click on, different interaction cycles can be applied to them.

Among the channels through which you can work with clients:

  • Email Newsletters
  • Messages in instant messengers
  • Chatbots
  • SMS messages
  • Calls through the IVR system.

Of course, all the processes of working with clients are automated, it will be enough for marketers of the company to just configure the rules and templates.

Module 4: Loyalty Management

Discount programs, bonuses, accumulated points - this is what makes customers make purchases again and again. In the XRM® Loyalty system, you can create loyalty mechanics of any complexity.

For example, you can create mutually exclusive rules. In honor of the holiday, a chain of equipment stores can give customers a 20% discount on one product, or a 50% discount on every third position on the check.

Another example is complementary rules. When buying a cover for a smartphone, the client will receive a cover for half price, and double bonus points will be awarded on the cost of the smartphone.

Loyalty programs may also include coupons that motivate shoppers to delay purchases.
After 5 treatments, the beauty salon at the masseur gives the client a 30% discount on hair removal, which is valid until the end of the month.

Loyalty module is not only about discounts and coupons. With the Loyalty system, you can build game mechanics for your customers.

For example, using a gamification module for the Kiev Central Department Store, an action of this type was developed. The client needed to make purchases in any stores on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th floors of the hypermarket, after which he received a branded T-shirt as a gift. Similar mechanics are used by network institutions. Visiting every new institution, the client is getting closer to receiving the coveted reward.

Gamification always benefits both sides. The client receives emotions and a sense of satisfaction from the test. A business receives a loyal customer and the benefits that it will bring over time.
In addition, the XRM® Loyalty system can be improved by contact center modules, a web portal for customers, and a video analytics system at points of sale.

Our customers such as MOYO, Zarina, Carlo Pazolini and Kiev Central Department Store have already established a loyalty system for themselves. You can join them!

Find out more information about the XRM® Loyalty package from E-consulting and get advice on implementing a loyalty program in your organization. Call our managers or send an email!