Microsoft Teams for NBA fans

Microsoft Teams for NBA fans

Microsoft Teams has become a platform for virtual support for athletes at NBA games. A technology partnership between Microsoft and the NBA has developed a solution based on the new Together mode in Microsoft Teams, which will reimagine the ability to support athletes in real time.

Beginning July 30, the NBA will equip each playing area with 17 feet (approximately 5 m) high LED screens spanning three sides of the arena. These stands will be filled with over 300 fans using Together mode, which uses AI segmentation technology to bring people together.

This new experience, which pioneered the NBA and Microsoft partnership, gives participating fans the experience of sitting next to each other in a live game without leaving their home. Players will feel supported on the court and see the fan reaction in real time. Viewers watching the game from home will feel the energy of the crowd, as well as see virtual stands filled with fans.

This is not the first time Microsoft and the NBA have partnered. In April 2020, the NBA and Microsoft formed a strategic alliance to create new opportunities for basketball fans, such as a new fan engagement platform offering personalized live streams of games, historical video archives, and unique analysis tools for NBA fans, coaches and broadcasters.