Microsoft Dynamics Licenses 365

Use full advantage of your organization’s potential by combining all customer relationship management solutions into a single business process

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Service)

New level of service

  • $95 Customer Service: All your customers will become permanent

    For whom:

    Manager's license with full access to advanced service features

    • Personalize your support so that customers will contact you again
    • Interact with customers across all channels and on any devices
    • Increase customer satisfaction by anticipating service and support requests by automatically data analyzing
    • Get rid of the difficulties of self-supporting infrastructure
  • $95 Project Service Automation: All projects will be profitable

    For whom:

    Manager's licenses with full access to advanced project management, forecast, assignments, cost estimates and estimates, including full functionality of Microsoft Project Online Premium

    • Improve your performance by providing service technicians with new tools for coordinating work
    • Keep load high by properly allocating resources
    • Reduce time spent sending, approving, processing customer bills
  • $95 Field Service: Every move will be effective

    For whom:

    Manager's license with full access to extended field service features

    • Simplify customer service cycle with built-in analytics
    • Reduce operational costs by troubleshooting well in advance
    • Raise the performance of field technicians by giving them access to back office data from mobile devices so that they can remotely receive and enter work order data

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Sales)

Make more deals

  • $95 Sales Enterprise: Sell faster

    For whom:

    Manager's license with full access to advanced sales functions, marketing, service, product catalog management, knowledge base, goals (KPI), analytics, reports with a single USD window, offline mobile application synchronization; for unlimited deployments of the Dynamics 365 system

    • Focus on priority clients with built-in analytics, which selects personalized topics for conversations, speeds up and predicts communication using Dynamics 365 and Office 365
  • $65 Sales Professional: Increase sales

    For whom:

    Manager's licenses with access to all basic functions of sales, marketing, service, product catalog management and knowledge base

    • Improve the conversion rate in the process of making transactions, assessing the willingness of potential customers to purchase using the built-in analytics of intelligent sales
    • Increase sales by tracking employee performance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Marketing, HR, Team)

Attract more customers, get maximum profit from customer relationships with qualified staff

  • $1500 Marketing: Turn potential customers into business partners

    For whom:

    A professional marketing module that includes Microsoft Social Engagement, Voice of the Customer for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Portal 365, Non-Production / Production Instance and Storage. It can be activated as part of the purchase of 10 Customer Engagement user licenses for 2,000 customers, or purchased separately with fewer licenses

    • Reach new customers with e-mail, website, events, SMS and phone calls
    • Use dynamic segmentation, various assessment models and artificial intelligence
    • View analytical reports to analyze the effectiveness of marketing activities
  • $40 Talent: Hire only professionals

    For whom:

    A module for professional personnel management, including recruiting, interviewing, hiring, personnel accounting, training

    • Attract candidates by combining the work of recruiters and managers in a single system
    • Simplify your search for the right people by connecting the world's largest database — LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC)
    • Organize the successful work of the staff by creating templates, guidelines, recommendations for planning vacations and absences from workplace
  • $8 Team members: Use any Dynamics 365 application

    For whom:

    License of a team member, employee, agent, providing access to the system on devices of all types, in order to use the already configured sales, service and marketing processes

    • All basic processes, knowledge sharing and embedded business‑analytics
    • A great licensing option for company users who need access to action management, web'channels, customizable applications, contacts, and reading the knowledge base without reference to the sales, marketing or service functions

Microsoft Dynamics 365
(LinkedIn Sales Navigator/Dynamics 365 Portal/Power BI/PowerApps)

Licenses for convenience working

  • $135 LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

    A license that combines Sales Enterprise and a license to access LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    • The system allows you to personalize topics for conversations, speeds up communication using data from Dynamics 365 and Office 365
  • $500 Dynamics 365 Portal:

    Portal for access by clients and counterparties who are not employees of the organization, but using data from CRM

    • Used for customer self-service, personal accounts, customer service, order tracking online stores and transport companies, contests, lotteries, personnel and services
  • $10 Power BI:

    Analytics service providing business data

    • Dynamic dashboards and interactive reports for quick analysis of data
    • Visualizing data from Excel
    • Creating report standardization model and analytics
  • $135 PowerApps:

    Applications for solving various business‑tasks

    • Creating forms, business‑processes and customizable mobile apps to simplify work

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