5 tips for choosing a CRM integrator

5 tips for choosing a CRM integrator

Choosing an integrator, as well as choosing a CRM software, should not be taken lightly. The success of your project will depend on right decision. For a CRM project to succeed, you need a reliable and competent solution provider. What does it mean?

Official partner

Partner company or publisher of CRM has great skills and knowledge in work with software because his team is trained in working with product.


Regardless of the timing or price, it is preferable to work with an integrator who will be open in relation to the conditions of his work. Discussion of all aspects at the beginning of the project will allow you not to be in the middle of a project with an expended budget and broken CRM.


If your CRM project requires certain settings and developments, it is better to choose an integrator who has experience similar to yours. Otherwise, choose a service provider specializing in non-standard projects.

Business oriented

CRM project is not only a technology. Furthermore, CRM projects are often managed by sales or marketing managers. To match your project with expected success, choose an integrator who can understand your technical and commercial problems.

Technical support

You need an integrator that can respond to requests throughout the project. At any time, your integrator should be able to inform you of the progress of the project and provide you with an advice in the framework of your service contract.

If you have any doubts about the capabilities of the integrator, do not hesitate to ask about his previous experience.