Benefits of introducing a loyalty system for the company

Benefits of introducing a loyalty system for the company

1. All employees can work in a single information window, without switching between different interfaces.

2. Complete information awareness about customers, processes and results, as well as the availability of information for using in business purposes. Building a single centralized storage location for all customer data.

3. Setting up a “single card” for a customer with a complete history of relationships through various communication channels (phone calls, e-mail, mass outgoing mailing, congratulations on birthday or other professional holidays, questioning and processing of results).

4. The ability to configure integration with the personal account of a member of the loyalty program for active communication with customers. Tracking information about orders, accrued bonuses, discounts, personal promotions.

5. Automatic generation and visualization of analytical reports on various specified customer parameters (RFM segmentation, sampling according to the frequency of purchases, formation of customer segments for individual offers).

6. Formalization of communications with customers within the corporate standard