Cloud Windows for access from any device

Cloud Windows for access from any device


Windows 365 is a new way to use Windows 10 or Windows 11 (available later this calendar year) for businesses of all sizes. Windows 365 will bring the operating system to the Microsoft cloud: all Windows functionality - apps, data, and settings - will be available from any device. Windows 365 is secure in concept and is built on Zero Trust principles: all information is protected and stored in the cloud, not on the device, thus increasing safety and productivity for all workers.

Windows 365 is also creating a new hybrid personal computing category called Cloud PC that harnesses both the power of the cloud and the power of the device to deliver a personalized Windows experience. It lets you move your apps, tools, data, and settings from the cloud to any device so you can sign in and keep working even if you change computers. For IT, Windows 365 also makes it easy to deploy, update, and manage the system and, unlike other solutions, does not require virtualization.

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