Контактний центр без CRM - витрачені гроші на вітер

Контактний центр без CRM - витрачені гроші на вітер

If we talk about the contact center from the standpoint of CRM, there are two main differences.

The first is ACTIVE CONTACT CENTERS created for the implementation of marketing activities. Such contact centers promote pre-sales: taking orders, marketing campaigns among potential customers.

The second is PASSIVE CONTACT CENTERS. These centers focus on after-sales service.

So, if we are talking about customized CRM, then such a system can help contact centers of both types. Such a CRM ensures the connection of all communication channels with clients (chat bots, video calls, e-mails, social networks, instant messaging) into one system.

The system allows to start communication with the client by phone, continue in the Telegram and finish by e-mail. And this is all with the full preservation of the history of communication.

XRM® CONTACT CENTER Omnichannel contact center that can be configured without the help of technicians.

  • Mine Benefits of the XRM Contact Center:
  • Lightning encryption
  • Automatic selection
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Using the IVM system
  • IVR system
  • Text-to-voice

More information about XRM® CONTACT CENTER here: https://crm.ua/en/xrm-contact-center