Microsoft Product Licenses

Microsoft Product Licenses

Microsoft Product Licenses
We are E-consulting company — Microsoft Gold Partner, which thoroughly understands the licensing of cloud products. We deliver software to both small businesses and large corporations for thousands of employees.

Buying software from us you can be sure that you will get suitable solutions for your business that can be legally used in the country.

We will select the best package for you, and explain all the nuances of installing and configuring products so that you do not overpay for the extra functionality.

Azure — Cloud computing platform

Microsoft Azure is a reliable platform that ensures data integrity and provides a wealth of different services for analyzing, computing, and working with them 24/7.

You will get access to Azure virtual servers and disks, as well as to the SQL database management service. The load balancing subsystem will provide a high level of system performance and its constant availability to company employees and users.

At your disposal is a designer who allows you to create solutions for clients based on their interests. This will help the service Xamarin, HockeyApp and Azure Cosmos DB. Additionally, you can connect the interfaces of Microsoft Azure technology, Data Lake Analytics and HDInsight.

Office 365 — working with documents

Office 365
A full set of office applications is now available by subscription with monthly or annual payment. Office 365 combines: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, with all the latest updates and additions: Teams, Skype for Business, SharePoint, OneDrive.

Thanks to the tight integration of applications, employees will receive 1 TB of cloud storage, share files, calendars, meetings, be able to work efficiently, and be connected at any time.

Office applications receive updates and extensions every month. Simple instructions and around-the-clock support from Microsoft help you get started faster.

OneDrive — Cloud Data

OneDrive for Business is a modern and functional cloud data storage that provides the ability to work together with files and documents on all devices.

Users receive 1 TB of storage space. You can work offline with files. Changes that are made offline will be added automatically during the next connection.
In conjunction with the Office 365 package, the OneDrive repository allows you to share files, work on them together with colleagues and counterparties. Data will not fall into the wrong hands thanks to the encryption function and regular compliance and security checks.

PowerBI — analytic system

A set of tools for business analysis and the formation of online reports that helps to visually see all the processes of the company. Earnings, purchases and sales, product balances, site traffic, loyal customer percentage — these, and a lot of other data will be automatically collected by a single Power BI system.

The system allows you to receive data from thousands of sources, analyze, identify hidden patterns using the functions of grouping, forecasting, clustering. Power BI Pro users can work with data using the DAX formula language used in Excel. Data can be downloaded to a computer and sent.

SharePoint — collaboration in a company

SharePoint ensures the smooth collaboration of customers, employees and partners of the company. Allows you to work, organize and easily find data, develop, publish applications and sites. Differentiation of access rights makes it possible to build a logical organization of processes and protect data.

SharePoint Server can be deployed and managed locally or hosted on Microsoft servers. It includes all the features of SharePoint Foundation, as well as content management, business intelligence, enterprise search, personal sites, and a news feed.

Instead of locally installing and deploying SharePoint Server, you can subscribe to an Office 365 plan or a separate SharePoint Online service.

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